We have worked with Wendy Hill in the past and one of her best attributes is communication. She is excellent. Always keeping us informed and up to date. So when we were ready to sell our home here in Barrie we again talked to Wendy about it and were very impressed with her research and knowledge of the market.

With Wendy’s input and advise we agreed on a price and date for our home to go on the market. There was never any sense of pressure in the entire process.

The “coming soon” sign went up and shortly there after, before the listing went active we had a full offer plus, available.

Our home is now sold and we are very pleased. Wendy did an excellent job.

Thank you,

Paul & Catherine Arends

Wow, just wow!!! you have done an amazing job showcasing our home. I am thrilled!!

Susan Morton

Hi Wendy,

Wendy Hill is an outstanding realtor. She is my go-to for all things real estate. She constantly educates herself about our market area, both in residential, cottage and investment properties and brings a wealth of professional and personal experience to this industry.

I met Wendy when one of my property management clients sold their multiplex. I was immediately impressed by her professionalism and how easy she was to work with. Since then, she has assisted us in adding to our investment portfolio and worked with a number of our clients, friends and family.

Wendy works hard for her clients; she is patient and generous with her time and above all: she is trust worthy. Outstanding realtor.

SourceOne Property Management


Thank you very much for taking the time to walk thru with us today on Bruce so that we could see the lay of things and take measurements etc. We are always raving about how great you were in our buying and selling process, and especially when we hear of other people who were not so happy with their own agents, so we would not hesitate a second to ever recommend you or put you in touch with someone we may hear is in need of an honest agent to work with! Dave and I were absolutely flabbergasted by your most generous gift, proving once again how much we think you are the best real estate agent going and one of the nicest and warmest people we have the pleasure to know.

Ann & Dave

What can I say about Wendy…

Wendy walked us through the process of narrowing down what we wanted in a property. She patiently allowed us to imagine our life in vastly different homes, and her experience helped us evaluate the pitfalls and potentials of each property. She helped us consider the value of our current home, and motivated us to look at keeping it as an investment property. Her experience and connections with various trades was instrumental in navigating our home inspection and evaluating costs. Thank you Wendy, for helping us identify what our dream property looks like, and then helping us get more than we ever dreamed in our new place — while still staying true to our financial goals! We are excited to move into our beautiful property on the river, all set for the endless possibilities of retirement.

Bless you.

My favourite quote: “I will show you a hundred properties if that’s what it takes.”

Barb & Karl

We were so fortunate to have Wendy Hill as our realtor for our first home. Thank you for your honesty, integrity, kindness and patience as we looked until we found something that met and exceeded our expectations! You truly went above and beyond what a person would normally expect from a realtor, your generosity left us speechless.

We value the trustworthy contacts we made through Wendy throughout our home purchase process. Wendy, you made this purchase easy and seamless. We will be referring you to all of our friends because of your excellent service

Chantale Boileau